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This site is not sponsored or endorsed by Phillip Morris® or Marlboro in any way (but it would be nice if it WAS!)  If you need a catalog or information about Marlboro promotions, call 1-800-MARLBORO!

I created this site after getting back from the "White Stallion Ranch" in Arizona.  We won the trip from marlboro, and it was great! We had a wonderful time smokin' cigarettes, ridin' horses, and partyin' at the ranch!

I've put some pictures that people took at a few of the ranches on the Photo Album page, and if you've got anything you'd like displayed, let us know. 

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You can go to "Ranch Talk", the discussion page, to see if anybody's talking about anything good, and we hope you're inspired enough to add something to the discussion. You can blab about whatever you'd like, and somebody will probably blab right back! If you're abusive, your post may be removed.

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